Sunday, 27 October 2013

Movavi Video Converter

There are many video converters that I have tried to get videos converted from the windows media video (wmv) format to the AVI format. I was never satisfied with the converters that I used. Never knew what the converter was and wasted a lot of money behind useless video converters, until I heard about this Movavi Video Converter. When I GOOGLEd for the best video converter, I found much down than other results. All the top results, was mostly what I had tried earlier and wasn’t satisfied. Mostly the video quality seemed to be lost during the conversion, this is where all the video converters lacked.

I saw reviews about this video converter, Movavi, it was quite impressive. No user had put in any complaints and I definitely, saw many smileys. Of course, they were all happy for what, had they paid. Then I gave it a shot.

At first, I did not purchase the full version, was using the trial version. The Movavi video converter trial version will work for just 7 days and after which you have to buy the license key to make it the full version. The way videos get converted was good, not just good but definitely more than that.

I purchased the license key and now I am using the full version of this amazing software for video conversion. It is not only the best wmv to avi converter but also the best video converter. It can do any format video conversion without any kind of breakdown in the video quality. This converter also supports lots of other cool features and there is option to upload a converted video directly to youtube or on to facebook.

You can also try this software, its trial version is available where you have to browse through the website to download the video converter. Movavi has many products and this is the best video converter which is from Movavi.

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